Seductive Eyes

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Seductive Eyes

It all started with a glance. Payton saw this woman from across the room and couldn’t take her eyes off of her. Calista was the most beautiful, intense, and erotic woman she had ever seen. Their eyes meet, as they walk towards each other, they know exactly what the other wants. Their bodies touch as they meet, their hands finding each other’s hips, already beginning to caress. Perfect strangers finding a single moment, a moment that blowjob porn videos could last forever, and their bodies begin to sway together to the music that was playing. The introduction was no more than their hands finding their way over the other’s /sensual/">sensual body. 

Calista grabs Payton by the hand, and leads her to the room in the back of the club. They are all alone; and they can hear nothing but the music from the dance floor. They begin by kissing one another passionately, longingly, as if they have been lovers for years. Their hands caressing and rubbing one another, finding themselves partially unclothed. Payton then finds herself seductively pinned to the wall, as Calista slides her hands under her black /skirt/leather-skirt/">leather skirt. There was a sensual feeling of her hands on her upper thighs, feeling the heat begin to rise from her sweaty palms. Payton spread her legs wide, and allows Calista to feel the wetness begin to surface from her hot, /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. Calista slides her fingers between the lips of Payton’s cunt, spreading them wide open to her liking. She begins teasing and caressing her clit, feeling it harden within her fingers. Payton’s clit was throbbing, as she felt Calista’s fingers slide inside her cunt. Bending her knees slightly, Payton grabs Calista’s hand and thrusts it harder inside her. Feeling the burning sensation of Calista’s touch, Payton slides her mouth over Calista’s breasts, sucking, licking, and biting them as the pleasure rises. Calista drops to her knees, slides off Payton’s skirt, and takes Payton’s clit into her mouth, while continuing to finger-fuck Payton’s hole. Sucking her clit, harder and harder, while thrusting three fingers inside her deeper every time. Payton was in complete /ecstasy/">ecstasy. The moans slipping louder and louder from her hungry lips and with one more deep thrust, Payton finds herself cumming harder than ever before. 

Payton falls to her knees, taking this woman with her to the floor. Payton rips the pants off of Calista, kisses her cum filled lips, and slides her fingers across Calista’s cunt, wanting her to feel the same pleasure she had just received. Payton’s mouth covers Calista’s supple breasts as she begins licking around the nipples, teasingly sucking and biting them. Her nipples hardened in her mouth, as she sucks harder leaving her mark around them. Payton’s tongue, flowing down her body, she kisses her way down to her sides, to her naval, across to the top of her thighs, licking the creases. Her tongue following the lines of her legs, down her inner thighs and sucking her skin as if it were a juicy sucker then blowing her hot breath on her sensitive cunt. Payton finds Calista’s cunt to be hot and completely juice filled. She slides one finger between Calista’s slit, to bring that wetness to the surface. Wanting so much to taste the girl’s wetness; Payton fills her finger with cum, and licks it clean. Her body beginning to sweat from the intense sensation as Payton licks around the /cunt/hot-cunt/">hot cunt lips. Tasting her juices, Payton thrusts her tongue deep inside Calista’s fuck-hole, while sliding one finger milf porn videos around the rim of her ass. Moaning with delight, Calista begins to thrust her pelvis upward, grinding it harder into Payton’s mouth. Payton slides her finger further inside Calista’s ass, building the pressure up even more. Payton takes Calista’s clit into her mouth, sucking it, harder and harder with every moan. Their bodies intertwine; sweat rolling down their soft, naked skin from the passionate lovemaking. Payton slides three fingers inside Calista’s cunt, feeling her juices begin to flow even harder. She surrounds Calista’s naval ring with her mouth, tugging at it with her teeth, making her feel the pleasure of pain. Payton slides her mouth back around Calista’s clit, biting and nibbling it until Calista can’t lie still any longer. Calista’s groans become louder, as she begins to scream with delight as she cums all over Payton’s face. 

The two strangers, now satisfied and pleased, lay side by side, staring at each other’s naked bodies, wanting to know what the other is thinking. They roll closer to each other, embracing one another in their arms, their lips touch, passionately kissing, not wanting to let go. Realizing it’s getting late; they get dressed, kiss one more time, and walk hand in hand back to the dance floor. They finish the night dancing close, two bodies as one, still wanting more of the other. As the night ends, they embrace each other tightly, holding on to one another, leaving the club, still the two bodies as one as they fade into the distance.