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Maris lived in Nebraska on a farm in Nebraska.

Maris was a pretty 18 year old red head and I was fucking her. She still lived at home with her parents and they did not like me because I was fifteen years older than her and divorced. Slowly but surely I was introducing her to some /kinky/kinky-sex/">kinky sex and she seemed to enjoy every new thing that I did with her.

Saturday I picked her up to go to the park for a picnic in Omaha. She packed some fried chicken and potato salad. She looked so pretty in her blue skirt and her white blouse. I bought a case of Storz beer and packed it in ice in my large cooler. Maris liked to drink and I was going to get her drunk.

We drank beer and ate and drank beer and ate some more. Maris was getting drunk so we kissed and I felt her up in front of the other people in the park. I reached my hand under her skirt and felt her pussy while people were watching us. She did not protest and lifted her skirt showing off her black panties for all to see.


I pulled her panties off exposing her little pussy with a patch of red hair above her slit. I would give our neighbours a good show. Maris was drunk and horny and didnt care who saw her. I slipped two fingers into her and found she was already excited and wet. I finger fucked her and she pushed her hips forward to meet my thrusts.

"OH you nasty bastard." She said.

"You like people watching us have sex - dont you?

"Yes - I like to show you off you little bitch." I said.

I finger fucked her harder until she shuddered xxx and climaxed making her pussy wetter.

"Stop it" said Maris. "I have to pee!"

"You can pee in my mouth bitch."

"REALLY? she said in a slurred and drunken voice.

I dove in between her legs and sucked her pussy. She moaned and let out a gusher of warm pee and I swallowed it all. I than turned her over and she got on her hands and knees. I rammed my stiff excited dick into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and fucked her for all it was worth. She climaxed over and over again. I saw other people scrambling to leave the park mostly led by their wives.

It was too much for me and I shot my load into her hot snatch.

"OOOHHH that was great." she mewed.

Just then there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw the biggest cop that I had ever seen.

"Im taking you both to /jail/">jail." He boomed.

"NOOOO" Maris said.

The cop took us to the squad car and put us in the back seat without handcuffs.

"Why dont you fuck this drunk little bitch and dont take us to Jail" I said.

"Maybe I will." said the cop.

We drove through the countryside and I knew we were not going to Jail. The cop was going to fuck her. My relief was let out is a big sigh.

"Take her blouse off and play with her tits." The cop said.

I removed her blouse and bra and sucked Mariss breasts. The cop was looking in the rear view mirror and said.

"Thats right pervert."

"Suck that tit."

"Bite that tit!."

I bit Mariss nipple hard and she cried.

"That hurts you son of a bitch."


I took perverse pleasure that I was hurting her and I could see the cop grinning in the rear view mirror.

"You will get worse than that pervert bitch when I get you to my cabin." said the cop.

We pulled up in front of a small wooden cabin by a lake and we got out and the cop unlocked the door.

We went inside and and and the cop said.

"Rip her clothes off" He growled.

/scared/">scared I tore everything off Maris tearing her clothing and exposing her naked body.

"Thats it. Lets see the little bitch the way she is supposed to be."

"She is a little slut pervert."

The cop took his uniform porn videos download off and my eyes popped out. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen.

It waved in the air obscenely ashard as a rock.

Maris looked at that big shaft in awe.


I could not believe it my self and stared at it in awe.

"Now bitch you will get fucked like you have never been fucked before." The cop said.

The policeman slapped Maris and threw her to the bed. He mounted her and thrust his gigantic dick into her small red thatched cunt to the hilt.



"STOP! IT" she screamed.

The cop smiled and pounded her pussy with vicious thrusts. Maris went limp with the pain.

"Your killing me." She said.


Then a strange thing happened and Maris started to groan and wiggle with every thrust.

"FUCK ME!" She said.




"HURT ME /bad/">bad."

The cop shot his sperm into Maris and it was to much for her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy and the cum juice shot out around his gigantic dick spilling on the sheets and pooling in great gobs of cum spilling down Mariss thighs.

I was jacking off and I shot cum on the floor mesmerized with the moment.

"THAT IS NOT ALL." Said the cop.

He reached over to the dresser and got a night stick.

"Take this bitch."

He shoved the night stick up her ass.

"OH GOWD NOOO!" Said Maris.

He rammed the stick up her /asshole/">asshole so far it disappeared.

Maris screamed and screamed. He did not care and kept fucking her asshole with the stick.

"GOWD IM GOING TO SHIT." And she shuddered with a HUGE /climax/">climax.

She cried with tears streaming from her eyes.

The cop pulled the night stick out of her ass and there was shit on it.



I was agast to see Maris licking the shit from the night stick. She had a glow about her as she sucked and swallowed shit.

"Thats a good little girl slut." He said.

I was jacking off again and I shot the biggest load that I have ever shot in my life.

"Now I will take you perverts back to your car." Said the cop.

He drove us back to our car in the park and the cop said.

"Now get out of here and dont come back." Then he gave Maris his phone number.

"My name is Zolinski."

"Call me if you want to."

I drove Maris home and she was strangely silent. When I walked her to the door she went inside and I heard her MOTHER say:


I heard Maris giggle.


"I have a new boyfriend and he is a POLICEMAN."