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I am zeeshan here. I wanted to share with you friends a real story of mine. I am from Karachi,
Pakistan. I am 22 year old.6ft tall & good loking boy, with an good shaped body, with an 11inches long 2.5inches thick tool. I used to but act like this that i am a very innocent boy and know nothing about these things. 

When I read these stories I used to think does it possible in Karachi, until I experienced it my self. My mother has a widowed step sister, 36 year of age, having a breast specially boobs bigger twice as her age, having a nice tall body like me. She lives in gulshan-e-maymar; I used to visit her every Sunday. As she is a very modern lady and thinks me child, so she always uses her daily dresses before me, which is brazier, panty and a white transparent gown, he has no child, so she treat me as child, and as modern she wouldn't get shy in kissing me, I am also get blind upon her and wanted to fuck her, but get stop when I think about our relation & used to masturbate thinking of her. When my last holidays start she called me to stay her place for a month. I get to her place on 1st June 2001, she tells me that I have to stay in her room and can have to use only and gown in her house. She also tells me that she had bought a gown for me two days before and two nice pairs of under wear too. I also want to wear these kinds of dresses in her, to show her my body, and irritate her so that I can fulfill my sex wishes with her. But I act as I feel shy in it, so she ordered me to do this immediately, she also tell me shyness have no job in her house. So I obeyed her. 

When I sawed her figure I always got my tool attention like a pole in my underwear, so as now and she is smiling by seeing my tented area. At the afternoon we get to her room for sleeping. I have to sleep with her, so I got an idea, as I am very much frank with her, I pointed towards my tented area and tell her that I am not feeling well at that part of my body, she smiles and ask me to get rid o f my underwear immediately so that she can treat it, I immediately obeyed her, then she ask me do you know how to masturbate, I tell her no don't know what you are asking. She comes at my back and start crushing the balls of by tool with one hand and beating my tool meat to and fro by other hand ,she also ask me that don't tell any one what I am doing with you and tell me when you fell some thing like urine there. After some time I tell her I am feeling it what you are asking for, she removed her hand from the balls and put a finger on my tools eye and start masturbating me heavily, she tells me that" control your cum until I allowed u to pass". After some time when she feels that now I can't be able to control it more. She put my tool in her mouth and starts sucking it, oh! I feel my self in the heavens. She is an experienced one so she sucked it till dry. Then she dressed me her self with her given dress i.e. underwear & gown. Then we moved to the bed, and start talking to each other and watching an English fighting movie too. 

While talking to her I ask her in a very low voice that would she likes to tell me the purpose of those two on ladies breast, when she heard my words she laughed in a very high tone and ask you don't know this? Oh! God .ok I tell u as you are like my son and you have no big brother to tell you these things. But I am afraid that if some one knows it, I say no it's just between u and me, she says okay. Then she turns off the TV. And start telling me that's that big balls are calls as boobs, they contain milk which I lady gives first to her husband and then to her child, and once it touched it gets leaking again and again. I act as a very innocent person and ask her how it could be touched. She says it works when a man press and suck it hardly, I again say how it would be possible? First she gets a bit hesitated then tells me by removing the brazier. I say can I see yours she says, what? Then pass a very naughty smile and tell me you would if you obeyed my orders till two days, so I agreed upon her wish and now I have to wait for 3rd June. Then he ask me to open her room fridge and get tins of beer from them, when I get them she put a horror movie in the v.c.r and ask me to come over the bed near her watch the movie and enjoy with the beer. So I act accordingly. 

After she finished we finished our beers she get two more tins for us. when we both finished our second tin we suggested to turn off the movie, remove our gowns and get some sleep .it's 3:30 pm now, she ask me to remove her gown, when I removed it she got a large piece of yellow color silk cloth and ask me to tie it hardly over her brazier, when I completed the job she slid her brazier out of this cloth open it and threw it off. I also removed my gown, and ask her if she doesn't mind I want to remove my underwear too, she allows me in no second. I know that she is in full mode of fucking but wanted to test me so I have to wait for two days. This get my tool erected once again. she led on bed on give me her in mine when I gripped it well she gives a fast jerk and slid me over her and hardly gripped me from my back so that my tool can easily feel her pussy and her boobs get crushing with my breast. She used to kiss me like an aunt, but know when she start kissing it's a kissing of a mad lover so participated in the more than her I put my both hand on her hips and start moving them too her thighs and get them back, as fast I am doing my job she stars kissing me with more passion. I knew her trick in a second. She is getting me irritated for 3rdJune. We explore and kisses on each others body until both of us get tired .so we get sleep in the same position. We get awakened at 8:30 get showers one by one then get each other dressed, she wear a nice pink sari with shoulder less blouse and a bright contrast pair of under garments, she tied the sari very much below her naval tightly which is exploring her nice body more she looks very sexy too, then we moved to MacDonald sadder on her car. When we finished our food, we move to nearest market and buy some nice cloths, undergarments transparent gowns and then we moved to a secret shop in far beyond area from where we get vine, whisky and beer two crates each. Then we gone to nearest computer market and she reaccredited her internet account by 100 hours. Then we moves to cinema for watching an English movie in 10:00pm-1:00am show, to our good fortune there are very few persons in the hall.

So we get seats in the dark area of hall so that no body can see what we are doing. When the movie starts I moved my hands from her abdomen area towards her milky ones, when my hand gets on its destination, I starting moving all over her brazier to explore her boobs. She is also enjoying it. Then she said in my ear explore my thighs and tell how you feels i.e. immediately slid my hand under her petticoat to explore her thighs it feels great. I explore her thighs and boobs until the film ends. Then we moved to her place. when we get into the room I get nacked, she removed her clothes and her brazier and ask me to tight that yellow cloth on her boobs.when I finished she led on the bed and ask me to give her a nice massage all over her body and allow me to explores the naked parts. I give her a nice massage in which I push her big watermelons from over her brazier. then she get up open a bottle of vine and make two pegs and flamed two cigarettes too, she introduced both of them to me, it's my to have these things, but I used them. this makes me a bit more erected .I ask her to treat my tool as she treat it in afternoon so she comes to my back and start beating the meat of my tool to and fro with a lot of pressure and speed when she recognized that I cum after some strokes she open her mouth and put my tool under it and starts moving her mouth back and forward I tell her to stop and let me try it. She stops in no time no I gripped her head from her hairs and start moving my body and her mouth in a rhythm after some time I cumed in her mouth and she does waste a single drop of it and while she sucking my tool I feel my self in heaven when she sucks my tool completely I start fucking her in mouth when I get completed I withdraw my tool. we emptied some bottles of vine until we goes to bed , on the bed she gripped me hardly and tell in my ear "I love you" I am getting mad over you" then she pressed me towards her so greatly as if she wants to distinguish me in her. We start kissing again until we get in dark sleep from the pressure of alcohol. On next day we woke at about 1:00pm she makes a phone call to her late husband's friend to get his government cottage for one night. Then we get bath and then she moved to kitchen too cook a light break fast for us. When we finished we again moved to our room and starts drinking vine, whisky and cigarettes and explore each others bodies too until it get 4:00 pm so we get dressed, I chose a light blue sari for her. Then we packed some luggage and stars moving to hocksbay on her hiroof .we eat fast food in the way and also get some pizza for the night. 

We get on seaside at about 9:00 pm; it's not a known side but developed some department we put our luggage in the cottage and free the watch man up to next day .we eat pizza get our drinking material in a big shopper and moved out side from the house to know the beauty of sea we sit on a big stone nearby our house and starts our show. We are kissing each other drinking and we do this until we drunk every single drop of alcohol then we moved back. Now its 12:01am so I asked her to explore her self so she did and ordered me to make her naked I done the work with pleasure then she makes me naked. Then I moved to her and starts kissing her passionately she also starts participating in the show. And also moving my tool's fore skin fastlly, I am fingering in her pussy too. After some time she brakes the kiss and soon we get in the 69 position. Oh! What a pleasure it is. She is fucking my tool and I am fingering in her nicely shaved pussy. In the process she cumed twice until I cumed in her mouth. I sucked her all and she sucked mine then she starts sucking my tool till dry and I repeat the same with her pussy then I moved to her boobs, and start fondling, pressing ,crashing and sucking one them, it get harder and harder till I dry it and move to the other one where I repeat the same, then I put my tool between her boobs and ask her to disappear it in her big ones so she did the same, then I starts moving my tool back and forward between her boobs until I cumed heavily on her ,then we both move to the wall where I led her on the wall place my tool over her pussy's lips and give a hard jerk but her pussy is too tight, may it is because she gets a after 18 years, so only the head of my anal manages to get in it. then I start giving my tools some jerks very wildly, she is crying with pain and asking me to do it slow but I doesn't do this finally I managed to give her my full length of 11 inches and now she is crying loudly, so I stops for some seconds then I start the show. I start moving my tool back and forward and after some time when I get my rhythm and starts at my full speed her cries changed into moaning. Now I want to give her a very nice fuck which removes 18 years non-fucking experience from her mind she cumed very heavily twice until I lubricate her pussy with mine. I can saw a great satisfaction on her face. Then I withdrew my anal and she comes in doggy position to get a nice . I decided to give her a nice fuck in ass without any lubrication. xnxxv sunny leone video It's a hard job but I want to complete it. I put my tool on her and within few hard jerks it gets under her ass she is crying heavily and asking me to withdraw it a little bit as it's her first fuck in her ass after a long time, but I don't care her cries and starts fucking her wildly. now her cries once again changes into moans and she starts breathing heavily this gives me a new courage and I took my full speed in her ass until I have a nice cum in her ass. I withdrew my tool. As we are very tired so we led on the bed in the11 position and soon get into sleep. We awoke next day at2:00pm immediately packed our luggage and move to her place. We eat some food in the way, when we get into her house we start kissing and moving each others dress again. Once we get completely hot she led me on the bed and comes over me apply some cream on my tool and give some to apply over her ass, when I applied it she put my tool over her ass hole and start pressing her ass over it so my tool start discovering her ass again, once her ass completely suck my tool she starts ridding over my tool and in the same time I am with my fingers and feeling her pussy from under as its too wet and hot. In our processes she cums thrice until I cumed under her ass. She immediately give my tool freedom from her ass, put it in her mouth and start sucking and cleaning it with her tongue. When she finished giving me a nice blow job, ask her to led on the bed, then I put her one leg over my shoulder and other on my thighs and slid her more until her ass starts touching my thighs. Then I put my dick on her pussy lips and give it some nice jerks, so it manages to get in freely. This time she helps me in doing so. Now I am moving my tools and she moves her ass and moaning in high voices

With pleasure, when we get rhythm she starts fingering in my ass hole, I ask her why are u doing this, she told me that she wants to fuck me in ass, so I agreed after some resistance and its decided that after this fuck I fucks her again in pussy and she fucks me in ass with a sex tool, in the meanwhile we are going in our full rhythm too. When I finished the fuck, after lubricating her pussy with my juices. She cleaned my tool with her tongue. We both lied on the bed as we are very tired. after about 20 minutes I starts regaining my strength so I get up, I moved towards the wall, but she moves to her side table draw and get a nicely shaped5 inches long sex tool, then she joins me. She get her self set on the wall, then I put my tool in her pussy and she puts her tool in my ass, when it completes comfortably we starts moving our asses to and fro to enjoy each others tool, its my first and last fuck in ass too, when I lubricate her hot one again, I withdrew my mail point from its loving female point. Then I start pinching, fondling, pressing, crashing and sucking her boobs once again, she is also playing with my tools balls and with my shrunked tool too, which starts gaining its length once again by her act. When my toll gets its strength she starts masturbating it, and when I finished satisfying her over her boobs my tool is in Cumming position so I put it in her mouth and stats moving it to and fro at my maximum speed, so it fill her mouth with loving jerks of my juices in minute. Then we both get to have a nice shower. Where I fucked her once again. Now we both get tired by these continous fucks so we moved to the fridge and get all alcoholic things,to enjoy with.we are talking to each other real forced anal against her will on our next plans,she tells me that she is mad over me and when ever I want I can come to her place.she also tells me that she is in love with me.i tell her that same is with me.

So readers in this way we enjoyed all in my vacations on her place and in a hotel at Lahore.i fucked her in all possible ways and places one can think.when I am moving to my place she tells me that if I marry her we can setteled permenantly in we will get married on 23rd march 2003 and we are still enjoying fucking with each other.i tell you that we are getting more and more mad over each others"?
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