Making Prison a Bit Harder

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Making Prison a Bit Harder

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I walked off the /bus/">bus at Walla Walla, and thought about how this would be my home for the next 15-30 years. This was not a good thing. I am tall but pretty scrawny, barely a man capable of doing whatever it is a man does to get into one of the worst prisons across the country. I had been told you either have bitches or are a /bitch/">bitch. I was preparing for the latter.

After making it through the introduction by the warden we were led into a shower. The shower room was the first hit of /reality/">reality that I was going to be living in hell for a long time. We all stood saddened and quiet and quickly washed ourselves. I scrubbed my body with soap and water and looked around at some of my fellow convicts. I started by looking at their faces but eventually my eyes went down to their cocks. Hey I was in a shower with other guys for the /first-time/">first time and I think it is usual tocompare sizes right? Plus I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that one or more of these dicks would be in my mouth.
Dressed in jeans and dark blue shirts we were led to our cells. 

Of course with the precognition that I was going to get raped I was not surprised to see a large intimidating inmate in the cell that I was given. Before I could even set my few personal belongings on my bunkI was grabbed by my throat and told by my large black cell mate to stay the fuck away from him and his shit. I was told this was his cell and I did not want to know what would happen if any of his shit was missing. I had a feeling I knew, and a feeling that even if I didnt steal anything I was in trouble. I had heard how prison worked, and I know guys need to get off, and this man did not look to be anybodys bitch.

We got lunch, which reminded me of the /bad/">bad days of elementary school and the awful food. As I was throwing the reminents of my lunch away a large white supremisist looking guy ran into me. Of course when you are the littleguy it is your fault, so I was hit with his metal tray in the head and beaten in front of the entire population. Not a good start.

Back in my cell my macho cellmate named Anton told me he noticed how I had gotten my ass whooped. I sarcastically thanked him for taking notice of it.
"What you need is some protection," he said.
"Yeah no shit, If this continues for awhile I will hire you to look out for me kool?" I asked.
"Man I am a lifer, money is of little importance to me." 
"Well then I guess I am on my own."

That night I tried to fall asleep as soon as possible but it was a little difficult with the screaming a a soul less fortunate than me, and the heavy gruffing of the mammothAnton below me. 

I awoke at 6 am with little sleep, I lazily walked to the laundry room to report to someone so I could start my job. As I walked passed the showers the white supremisist pushed me into the shower room.

"MMmmM boy you smell good." he said
"What the fuc-" he covered my mouth with his giant fist.
"Down bitch."
He pushed my head down until I fell onto my knees. With one hand he unbottoned his pants and undid his zipper.
"Pull it out bitch."

I was shaking and trying to thinking but I appeared to have very few options available to me. I grabbed his dick out of his pants and had thoughts in my head about biting it off. Instead I took the limp dick into my mouth and started to suck on his head.
"If it isnt good bitch you got some more things comin to you. Is that what you want?" he mockingly asked.

I decided I had to go with the flow. Suck cock or die? Easy decision to me. SoI started licking his head. His dick started to get hard and extended to about 5 inches. Not too impressive I thought, especially for such a /guy/big-guy/">big guy. Fortunately this was good news for me. I had to fight back my gagging reflex as I massaged his balls with my tongue. I was going all out. Suddenly I was hit across my face.

"I want it good bitch or I will fucking kill you," he shouted.

Back to work sexxxx video ful hd I went. I imagined how I would want my cock sucked and tried toapply my thoughts to what I was doing. I licked his shaft up and down, and licked my tongue around his head. I put as much saliva as I had onto his cockand began stroking it with my hand.
"Look at me while you do it you fag."

So I looked up at him, as he was staring down at me. I was starting to get into it, which only somewhat surprisedme. I was always a tad bit curious I guess. I was able to get his whole (even thought it was small) cock inside my mouth. The more I sucked the more I liked it and the faster I xxx sex video download free com went.Suddenly he grabbed the back of my head and face fucked me. I felt his hips starting to sway back and forth and his dick was forced further and further down my throat. I was expecting to get a mouth full of jizz, and I think I even wanted a mouth full of jizz, but instead he pulled out. I was partly happy, partly disappointed.

 He grabbed his dick and aimed it at my face. A few jerks later I had my face splattered in cum. The smell was more than gross and my earlier desire to taste his cum quickly went away. As if he sensed this he told me he was not going to leave until I licked it off of my face. So I sat there for maybe 30 seconds realizing he was telling the truth, and then began to lick around my mouth. It tasted as it smelled, and I was an instant away from puking. I licked what I could and he simply told me I did a good job, tucked in his cock, and walked away. 

I sat on my knees on the tile of the shower room, and thought about how I was going to take decades of this abuse. This was my second day, and I knew it would only get worse. I had no idea how bad it was going to get...

Look for "Making Prison a Bit Harder the sequel" ;)